For Sale
Chicken Enclosure.
Complete and unused electric fence (includes gate, mains fencer unit, tester) £150.  Sheep Hay Feeders. Two at £30 and £40.  Sheep Bale Feeders. Two at £15 each.  Aluminium Double-ended Crook. £10. Diablo Diesel ATV. £950.
For any of the above Contact:
Pure Icelandic sheep
. Unregistered. ewes, ram & ewe lambs, and a few unrelated rams. All of them come to a bucket, are not escape artists and have fabulous fleeces for spinning, weaving and felting. Various colours (including grey, white, black, spotted, moorit etc) and markings. Beautiful hardy sheep, great for smallholders, excellent meat too. We also have a couple of stupidly friendly wethers (1 born 2017, one 2018) who think they are dogs, not sheep, and would like a pet home with loads of fuss and attention. Contact (Pembrokeshire)

2yr old Lleyn x ram. Fathered all our lambs this year so has to go or swap. Also Ewes of various ages and female lambs born last April always for sale, mostly x Lleyn x Shetland, a few coloured, all home bred. Tel: 01834 813158 or 07932 334913, Sue East Williamston.
9 Poll Dorset cross lambs. 7 males (6 intact and 1 castrated) and 2 females. They were all born the first week in April 2018. They all have Poll Dorset characteristics with cute teddy faces, have been given a fabulous start in life and are now ready for their next home. Please contact Claire Locke on 07947 838740 or email me
Dog cage. Wire metal for car. Medium size (30ins x19ins and 22ins high), folds flat – £25 Contact Jim and Iris Mulvaney 01267 238541 Peniel Carmarthen.
Puppy or small animal wire metal indoor pen. 3ft square x 30ins high, folds flat – £15 Contact Jim and Iris Mulvaney 01267 238541 Peniel Carmarthen.
Registered Wiltshire Horn Shearling Ram and Ewes. Older Ewes and Lambs Available. Call Andrew 01559 395638.
June meadow hay. £4 a bale. Please call Cliff on 01834 813415

Comfrey cuttings.
If anyone has any of the non seeding variety please contact Adrian and Marion 01994 231809
Guinea fowl.
Looking for eggs to incubate or chicks or adult birds. Contact Tom Bailey 01834 831480 or 07733 384518 or
Chaff cutter
. Does anyone know of an old fashioned, working chaff cutter please? Elderly pony (33) would love to eat our haylage but can’t manage the long stuff. Recently had to have a tooth out that has obviously been a problem as he is now trying hard to eat it. Joan 01269 862122 or 07816 127065.
Calf hutch.  In reasonable condition contact Linda 01994 419472 (after dark)
Jacob ram. Preferably 2-horned, black & white spotty. This year’s lamb or an older boy with too many daughters. Will collect. Contact Rosalind 01948 662602 or 07780 936331.
Welsh sheepdog (not Border Collie). Can be cross-bred. For spasmodic, easy work with Jacob ewes and Welsh ponies. To be my right-hand dog. Any age welcome. Will collect. Contact Rosalind 01948 662602 or 07780 936331.

Animal Sitting. Visit/ live-in, to look after farm animals. Mileage over long distance 25p per mile. Live-in £25.00/day. Sensible lifting/ feeding. Contact Liz Phillips on 07855 516367 or Wednesday and Saturday at Carmarthen market, or at monthly meetings.
ees Collected. Colin + Linda are willing to collect bees. Please phone Cassidy 01269 8615332.
Weed Control. I specialise in Invasive and Injurious Weeds, fully certificated and insured. Please call for free advice and quotations. Andrew Spencer 07814 542689,