February 2019 Meeting & Events

Please remember that all DSA meetings, farm walks and other events are NO SMOKING, which includes e-cigarettes.

Sunday 3rd February
Biomass Willow Workshop

An opportunity to experience the production processes i.e. ground preparation, planting and pruning of biomass willow and to collect starter whips for your own project.

Wednesday 13th February 7:45pm for 8pm. Monthly Meeting at Carmarthen Veterinary Centre.
AGM Report
This was well attended. Various points on the constitution were discussed and updated. There were some changes to the elected posts of Secretary & Treasurer as current holders were unable to commit their time in the coming year. Both were thanked by the Chairman and members present for their sterling work over the past few years. This meant some new members were encouraged to join the committee and we wished them well. Cheese and wine were enjoyed after the meeting.

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Further details of all the above activities are available to members in their DSA monthly Newsletter. For non members who would like to find out more please use our ‘Contact Us’ page.