For Sale

Goats of all shapes and sizes: We need to reduce our herd of Guernsey/Saanen/Boer type goats. We have yearling females and some first kidders – with offspring – some still to be born but due soon and may have some older goats with this years’ kids. Prices very reasonable. Contact Alan and Margaret Pritchard on 01267 281148 or email


Billy goats at stud: we have two Boer x Guernsey billies available for service – both proven and have produced an interesting variety of offspring. Either bring your nanny goat to us or, if you have several to serve, take a billy home for a few weeks. £15 per service or £50 for a home visit + board and lodgings of course. Alan & Margaret Pritchard 01267 -281148, email

Animal Sitting: Visit/ live-in, to look after farm animals. Mileage over long distance, 25p per mile. Live-in £25.00/day. Sensible lifting/ feeding. Contact Liz Phillips on 07855 516367 or Wednesday and Saturday at Carmarthen market, or at monthly meetings.
Bees Collected: Colin + Linda are willing to collect bees. Please phone Cassidy 01269 861532.