May 2019 Meetings & Events


Please remember that all DSA meetings, farm walks and other events are NO SMOKING, which includes e-cigarettes.

Wednesday 8th May 7:45pm for 8pm.  Monthly Meeting at Carmarthen Veterinary Centre.
Hay Meadows
Andrew Martin, Chair of Carmarthenshire Meadows Group will be a talking on managing this precious resource.

Sunday 12th May 10:45am for 11am.  Themed Farm Walk on a members holding near Blaenycoedr.
The holding is in the third year of “Glastir Advanced’ so has been managed with conservation as a priority.

Wednesday 29th May 9:30am–5:00pm. Bishop’s Palace, St David’s, Pembrokeshire.
Pembrokeshire Wildlife Day
This is a day to showcase the best of the wildlife in Pembrokeshire as well as the way in which people can live and work on and with the land. It is designed primarily as a ‘learning’ day for visitors to find out more about the area. Held in the grounds of the ruined Bishop’s Palace in St David’s, more details at can be found at:

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Further details of all the above activities are available to members in their DSA monthly Newsletter. For non members who would like to find out more please use our ‘Join or Contact Us’ page.