November 2018 Meeting

Please remember that all DSA meetings, farm walks and other events are NO SMOKING, which includes e-cigarettes.

Wednesday 14th November 7:45pm for 8pm. Monthly Meeting at Carmarthen Veterinary Centre.
Keeping Cattle One of our members Peat will give an overview of this extensive subject with advice for the new keeper.


The talk covered the following:
♦ Legal such as herd number, ear tags, passports and TB test.
♦  Housing which is dependent on size of breed and what you are using them for.
♦ Food ranging from grass, hay, haylage and concentrates dependent on breed and end product.
♦ Equipment that is useful such as cattle crush and tractor for moving large bales.
♦ End product such as breeding, milk, meat or buying in store cattle.
♦ Breeds, many traditional breeds generally perform better on poorer land and are often dual purpose, which make them ideal for smallholders.