November 2017 Meeting

Wednesday 8th November 8pm. Monthly Meeting at Carmarthen Veterinary Centre.
One of our members Tom Bailey of Origin Vets, has kindly agreed to talk about the Management & Health of Backyard Poultry. This is instead of the scheduled talk by Food Centre Wales (Horeb) that is postponed until January 2018

Meeting Report
Tom came armed with a huge amount of useful information to impart to a very pack meeting.
Tom started by reminding us of our duty of care to all our animals by referring to the Animal Welfare Act this is a piece of legislation which aims to ensure that animals are not mistreated by humans, whether through improper care or sheer cruelty. … Its aim was to update the Protection of Animals Act 1911, making the law reflect 21st century practice and the developments in veterinary science. It is based on the five freedoms and the five needs, more details can be found on the following web sites: and

He then went on to impart:
• General Information
including a couple
of useful websites and

• Interesting facts about chickens
• Chicken terminology
• Why we keep chickens
• Chickens for eggs
• Chickens for meat
• Common problems
Our thanks to Tom for sharing his wealth of information